Estudio7 has worked with renowned investors, public and private promoters to develop more than 20 MARINAS and over 30 nautical infrastructures. This work has always been specialised in the maximisation of tourist potential.

Whether the projects consider new construction, restructuring or assessment of ports and harbours already in existence, Estudio7 carries out a formal approach to the market, with assessment tailored to each port according to the needs of each project. Our experience allows us to carry out justified positioning analysis and demand projections, as apart from standard consulting and engineering, Estudio7 has carried out the construction and management of marinas.

These experiences define the main parameters for the planning of the marina and the size of the installation, the characteristics and services needed to attract navigators, tourists and visitors. Not only do the projects carried out by Estudio7 provide the best engineering, but they are also instrumental in the financial and economic analysis of the port or harbour, which makes for more profitable results.

Estudio7 integrates market assessments, environmental considerations, operations within the sector, engineering and financial planning in its planning processes. It leans on its experience to carry out conceptual plans which focus of different client profiles, and works closely with international, national and local institutions.

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