Estudio7 offers a full service of consulting, specialised advising for businesses and engineering of infrastructures for tourism. We create tourist destinations which are internationally seen as attractive for holidays and profitable projects for investors.

For 40 years, Estudio7 has united a team of people with a broad experience and knowledge in all phases for the development of tourism infrastructures and assets. Most of our projects have been accomplished and the constructions now stand as international success references.

  • Estudio7 has been a key partner of tourist development in the Canary Islands (Spain), which is one of the major tourist destinations of the world with more than 3000 hotels and condo-hotels and over 12 million visitors each year.
  • Estudio7 has worked in the sector of tourist development around the world, providing its services in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

We maximise the potential of the commercial value in all the stages of the live of the project.
We work closely with our clients, providing complementary skills and experience, which build up a successful team.

Estudio7 is specialised in three fields which distinguish it from other teams of engineers, planners and consultants: Marinas, Beaches and Sea Fronts.