Our Vision

Our approach is to carry out sustainable projects with two very valuable assets: the coast and the investor’s capital

We have changed the traditional methods of coastal infrastructure planning and design because we know investors need support in their business perspective during this stage of the project.

We manage to make the original idea more productive, more profitable and consequently it brings greater return to investors.

Since 1974, Estudio7 offers consulting and tourist engineering, specialised advising for businesses and solutions to achieve success on an international scale

Thanks to 40 years of experience, Estudio7 has developed and implemented design PROCESSES and their own innovating analyses which have become a philosophy to the company rather than a work system.

Estudio7 is specialised in three fields which distinguish it from other teams of engineers, planners and consultants: MARINAS, BEACHES and SEA FRONTS

20 marinas, over 30 nautical infrastructures, more than 25 beaches in worldwide leading tourist destinations and 45 seaside promenades that maximises the value of the area.