Our Team

Since 1974 Estudio7 has assembled a team with comprehensive experience and expertise in all phases of leisure and touritic developments worldwide. Others are young, a new generation of enthusiastic members. With new ideas and knowledge. We also works with external supports team who enjoy working with Estudio7 because of the company´s desire to exceed the expectation of a project, with talent, innovation, creativity and sustainable values.

Our Multidisciplinary team of strategists, engineers, planners, designers and builders offer specialist services and advice, helping to create value with engineering in the tourism business.

Agustín Roso Pascual, Chairman

agustin-rosoHe is a Civil Engineer graduated in Escuela Superior de Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos, Madrid. He has been an active member of the Board of Direction of the Civil Engineers Association of Spain.
He is the Chairman of Estudio7 and the company’s founder. In 1974, he recognized the potential for a destination resort industry, based on the importance of engineering projects in the business success. In 1984 he designed and developed in Puerto de Mogán, icon of the Canary Islands, and he is Stockholder and Chairman. Under his leadership, Estudio7 became the canaries largest planner, designer, builder and operator of marinas beaches, and waterfront infrastructure.

He worked for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Port Authority and under his direction a World Record Syncrolift® was developed working with Mr. Pearlson. Mr. Pearlson is a member of the American Committee of Lloyds Register of Shipping and of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.In 1988 the Society honored him with The William Kennedy Award for outstanding service.

In 2001, Mr. Roso also design and develop Marina Rubicón, that has become a Marina reference in Europe. Actually he is tockholder and CEO at this development. He also plan an develop Marina del Sur in Tenerife, where he is Vicepresident.

Mr. Roso’s other business interests include hotels, apartments and villages, and constructions companies. He is President of Horinsa, Former Board Member of Aerogeneradores Canarios (wind turbines), Líneas Aéreas Canarias (airline company), Intercasa (vegetable cannery), Motonáutica Canaria (boat dealer) or Interinsular de Vehículos (Volvo representative in the Canary Islands).

Alfonso Muñoz Galindo, CEO

alfonso-munozAlfonso Muñoz Galindo (Malaga, Spain 1950). he is a Civil engineer Graduated from Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de Caminos de Madrid (class of 1977) He is the CEO of Estudio7, and partner of the company since 1979.

Under Alfonso´s direction, the company has focused its efforts on achiving that the Engineering Projects became the key of more productive business, more profitable, and consequently, with more returns for the investors.
He has an athypical ability to fuse ideas with reality, the creative and the analytical work.
He ensures that the ideas, concepts an innovative methods that characterize Estudio7 projects are grounded, supportable and implementable.

Hassan Machlab Machlab, COO

hassan-machlabA Hassan Machlab (Beirut, Lebanon,1959). he is a Civil engineer Graduated from University of Nebraska (class of 1987) He is also member of the Chi Epsilon National Civil engineering Honor Society and Tau Beta Pi national Engineering Honor Society. He is the Manager director of all our projects.

During the last two decades Hassan has lead with many projects to succes.
He represents the analytical part of Estudio7 by “creative and analytics” approach to projects development.

He ensures that the projects gets done on time and with quality that charactrizes Estudio7projects for the last 40 years. He spent his early life in Beirut, and speaks fluent arabic, english and spanish.

Agustín Roso Hernández, CSO

agustin-roso-hernandezA gustín Roso Hernández (Las Palmas, Spain 1968). he is a Civil engineer Graduated from University of Cantabria (class of 1992). After graduated in Spain he lived in Florida USA and studied with Bernard Le Méhauté (co author of Shore Protection Manual) at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at University of Miami.

Since 1999 he has been completaly dedicated to Tourism, being head engineer of this area at Estudio7. under his direction, Estudio7 has been involved in the development of Riviera Maya, Mexico as a new worldwide success destination, and we have helped to achive.In adition to his extensive global toruism Infrestructure and construction experience, he has a time-tested ability to build strong projects, and to pioneer concepts that we think will became industry standards in a near future.
He speaks fluent english and spanish.